50Fifty Coffees
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Jillian Reilly

Jillian Reilly discusses how taking the time to really understand her own story led her to found Antacara and begin to help others navigate change and optimise growth.

Coffee Break: How to Stay Motivated

It's Monday. It's February. It's cold. It's raining. How to stay motivated on days like these? Today's coffee break provides some helpful tips on how to stay focused and move forward when all you want to do is go back to bed!

Lucia Knight

Lucia Knight, founder of Midlife Unstuck thinks changing careers shouldn't be so difficult and has made it her mission to help others find a better, more enjoyable work path.

Chris Ward

Chris Ward knows something about perfectionism - he just wrote a book about it! Perfectionism can make people feel that they are never good enough. We talk about letting go of expectations and serendipity.

Jeff Tidwell

What do you do when you notice you are no longer the youngest guy in the room? The answer for Jeff Tidwell, the founder of Next For Me, is start a new business, build a community and start conversations.

Mark Cranwell

Courage to try and the courage to take chances. If you want to make a change or try something new, it couldn’t be more important. We talk to Mark Cranwell, MD Block9 who has spent his career saying yes.