50Fifty Coffees
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Anne Ditmeyer

How do you carve out a career when there are no examples to follow? For Anne Ditmeyer, it meant being super creative and thinking way out of the box. The result - a fabulous, diverse career that suits her perfectly.

Dave Watts

Taking his favourite quote to heart, when Dave Watts was made redundant for his 5th time in his late 50s he started The Redundancy Podcast to learn about podcasting and share his experiences.

Stephanie Capuano

Founder of 31st State, a new skincare range developed for teen boys, Stephanie Capuano reminds us that we might not always have control over a situation but we do have a choice in how we navigate it.

Coffee Break: Paused.

In the midst of Covid-19 we take a coffee break to ask how do you move forward when life has pushed the pause button on your progress?

Katharine Landale

When Katharine Landale couldn't find companies willing to take on older workers wanting flexible work she created her own recruitment and reskilling agency to do just that!

Jillian Reilly

Jillian Reilly discusses how taking the time to really understand her own story led her to found Antacara and begin to help others navigate change and optimise growth.